Conics are the lowest cost permanent shelter.

Conics are a continuously curved shell made entirely of 1/2" plywood covered with acrylic elastomeric roofing (a water-borne non-toxic paint-on finish).

By flexing plywood into this unusual curved geometric shape the conic shell acts as sheathing, structure and roofing. No rafters or costly additional roofing are required.

Conics can last for decades with only minimal upkeep. You can build small (500 sq ft.) or very large conic floorplans.

There is very little wasted materials because conics are built entirely of 4'x4' plywood panels. Conics utilize a unique geometry that provides strength through flexibility.

Conics are a true shell-type structure. They have withstood hurricane force winds and will bend to absorb the stresses of the most violent of earthquakes.

Coupled with energy and material saving designs, Conics are a habitat that can be built within the carrying capacity of our small planet because they are extremely miserly with building materials.