How to Get Involved in Conic Shelters

Conic Shelters are an experimental structural system that is being developed and refined all the time by our team of designers and builders. To date approximately 30 full-scale Conic Shelters of one type or another have been constructed. You can participate in this process in several different ways.

Construction Manual and Design Kit (cost: $100 USD)
Includes a copy of the umbraCone Construction Manual - a 65 page step-by-step construction manual for building the single cone "Umbra Cone" design. In addition we will ship you the 20 page mulitConic Design Kit, a guide to building multi-Conic models (to any scale) and incorporating any multi-conic geometry. With these two manuals you can evaluate Conic Shelters and determine if this building process is suitable for your project. If you decide to join the Beta Program (see below) and you already have these two booklets then the Beta Program cost is reduced by $100.

Beta Program Membership (cost $500 USD)
Membership in the Conic Shelter Beta Program is available for a flat fee of $500 flat fee. It gives you access to existing Conic Shelter construction plans and manuals (including the two mentioned above) and serves as the foundation of a dialog between you and Conic Shelter with regard to your specific application. The Beta Program is suggested for those who are close to actually building a Conic Shelter and those who want to start creating detailed finish designs.

On-going Consulting Services (cost variable)
We provide consulting services to help you create custom designs, prepare construction drawings, and work with your architect, engineer or other designers to help you create the ultimate Conic Shelter for your home, shop, or other use. Fees for consulting services are variable and depend on travel distance and other factors. Call to discuss this option (707 884 1769 USA).

If you would like to purchase the umbraCone Construction Manual or become a member of the Beta Program just drop us an email and we will send you an invoice via PayPal. When you receive the invoice (via your email) you can click on the link provided and pay with any credit card (or PayPal account if you have one). Of course you can always call or email us directly to discuss the above options or others ways of getting involved in Conic Shelters.

Please contact Conic Shelter directly at 707 884 1769 or email:

Help make Conics a viable alternative to conventional square, rectilinear architecture.

Chuck Henderson
Inventor - Conic Shelter